Saturday, February 4, 2017

FRANKING GRAHAM: "We live in a very dangerous world and I think the president's first priority is to protect the American people and until there is a better system in place for vetting and knowing who comes into America, I believe every person who comes unto the US should be vetted," Graham continued. "We need to know who they are and what they believe, if they share the same core values of freedom and liberty."

IMO: As evengelicals and believers in the only true living and wise Christian God, we believe the reason why God not only raised you up to lead this nation, but also raised up a common army of believers to support you so that the USA can have a great national season of revival toward God and his prosperity. There is a prophecy in the Bible Ezekiel 37 that talk about how God in the last days (we are now living in), will call back to life the dry bones of the people which represents their sin and departure from God and their despaire toward a failed nation. But then how God invites us through prayer and that He in turn will  call the four winds to raise up a great multitude of believers with the goal to take back the nation and get ready for the return of Jesus Christ (soon) who will Himself bring his eternal  kingdom coming upon Jerusalem where all true believers will rule with Him. Point being we want America Great Again to get ready, participate and generate a great Christian revival in the USA and around the world...Again!
This song by Luara Daigle is part scripture, part prayer, and part song. From the book Ezekiel 37...