Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WELL THATS IT, The new Julian Assange interview with Hannity is far and away more credible and believable than what I believe is a cooked up Intel narritive by the Whitehouse. And while there is no doubt that WikiLeaks published hacked emails from an undisclosed source, WikiLeaks is far and away more credible, compelling and believable that their source was not Russia. And that the information leaked shows by the preponderance of the evidence that crimes were committed by the Democratic party, and that the Whitehouse participated then conspired to withhold that evidence and obstruct justice IMO. An opinion that is far more believable then the fake Russian coop conspiracy and cooked up Intelligence to support it being orchestrated and spewed by the Obama and Democrat party to discredit President Trump. This lie of the century will backfire and further destroy the DNC and the outgoing Legacy beyond repair.