Monday, December 26, 2016

I was just informed that Harold Savedra who I consider to be a close brother named went to be with the Lord. We met here as nieghbors in Bullhead City when we had bought our 1st retirement homes in 2002 having no fences yet between us we hit it off as friends. Although Harold was not a born-again Christian at that time we shared our Spiritual stories about what we believed about Jesus and why we believed it. We had our moment's of debate and argument, but God was faithful and moved in Harold's life and one day accompanied me to church where he responded to the alter call where he repented and recieved Jesus Christ as his only Lord and Savior, and was also filled with the Holy Spirit to tears. Harold was never the same after that day and even after Harold sold his home 10 years later and moved away to California, we still managed to keep in touch, fellowship and pray over the phone. Upon receiving the news today I was not surprised as his daughter can attest because I had received a preminition from the Lord that something had changed with Harold and told her what she was going to tell me, that he was gone to be with the Lord. To even my surprise felt nothing but peace and gratitude to the Lord just the way I felt when my mother departed, that having been a born-again child of God, Harold Savedra like my mom a few months ago was now with the Lord and that he would be seeing my wife and  mother who are both waiting for me as well, and where we with a multitude of other saint's will be reunited as part of the family of God! Thank You Jesus, for drawing Harold and all those who have answered the call to follow you above all others. In Jesus name Amen!

*** We never know the hour or the day when we will have to give account and be judged for all that we have done on earth. But we can be ready and can know we have forgiveness and assurance that we will not have to face judgment nor eternal darkness. But we can only have all these things which are more precious that all the riches on earth, by being born-again of the Holy Spirit through believing and following JESUS CHRIST. Because everything else we accomplish on earth without Jesus Christ at the center of it, is a complete and utter waste of life today, now and for eternity. 
** MARK 8:35-38 Whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. So what good is it for someone to gain the whole world and its power, yet forfeit their own eternal soul to hell? Is anything worth more than your own eternal soul? Therefore if anyone is ashamed of me and my Gospel in these adulterous and sinful generations, the Son of God will be ashamed of that person when Jesus Christ returns in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."