Saturday, November 5, 2016

Thank you Lord for Pastor Franlin Graham who is fighting the good fight and standing in gap for the nation in spirit and in truthful prayer and action. So many pastors here in my home town of BHC AZ will speak many words against congregation using the internet to evangelize, and  involvement on internet politics not our business outside the local church. Yet they will send whole groups of people to far away countries to convert a single soul. I love missionary work and donate to organizations monthly like Samaritan's purse. But too many churches are worried about their own back yard church property and business not realizing that if Hillary gets in office those church properties will be required to convert to apostate church or closed down. So if we are going to tested to suffer Christ name anyway, might as well get in the punches now while their is a chance to slaughter the giant like King David. 
*** FOOD FOR VOTING. Although true that there is NO INDICTMENT YET. FBI needs prayers so that Godly justice (not-just-us) prevails in Jesus Name Amen and AMEN!

While a list of progressives might seem like information, the real information on this election is escaping many American's. A day ago Fox News and other mefia outlets including CNN had received information from the FBI that the avalanche of evidence coming against the Clinton pay-for-play investigation is all but short of an indictment that will not come until either the President of Chief DOJ appointed by the President calls for a grand jury to bring charges against Hillary Clinton. However the President is currently campaigning for Hillary Clinton Soooo...
We've witnessed only God's hand can exalt a man and exposes the enemy. But the choice is still ours!