Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Its been difficult for me to see whats happening to our country when as a former "Classified Material Control Officer" I realize the potential magnitude of what at steak with a Hillary Clinton Presidency. This when I know out of pure ignorance so many Americans even in my own family are turning a blind eye to the top-down corruption being revealed that tore a hole in our nation during the President Nixon scandal in 1972-74. Before being impeached out of office and for almost 2 years, the nation was paralyzed on the nightly news and nothing was accomplished. Now its happening again but his time on a grand scale with an entire branch of government involved and maybe more. Information from the ongoing FBI investigation has revealed serious evidence against both the Clinton Foundation and the compromise of national security by at least 5 nations hacking into Hillary's unauthorized server with new Wikileaks emails confirming many players involved in grand collusion. Please watch what the alphabet media refuses to air.