Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm an 04-74 veteran and look forward to The Donald's solution. But we need to give prayer's of both thanksgiving and that "God's will" will continue to use Donald as part of the greater goal of turning this nation toward God just like the historic ancient pagan city of Nineveh recorded in bible. A city so vile that even Jonah was reluctant to follow through to see it turn to God. But God wants us all to be faithful and pay every night and morning for repentance and revival in this nation and to start by teaching our children what God has done with the miracle this historical election results that only the Lord made possible against all odds just as he promises in His word. 
"When the people cried out to the LORD, he raised up for them a deliverer"

ON HANNITY, put's in perspective the nonsense going on in our street's and college campuses....
What is really sad is that these are the Godless children of parents who raised them without God in their own lives,  and therefore had no time to teach and instill in their children, wholesome Christian values and principles. And so this is the fruit of a Godless child's life with no self respect for themselves or the rights of others.