Sunday, September 25, 2016

So sad that it takes a 1st generation Immigrant to point our lost and bewitched 5th generation citizens, back toward sanity. I'm posting this lecture video before its removed because is being reported by many sources last Friday that FB, YT and TWT will be enacting a new censorship protocols where by a community of complaints organized by the left against anyone's account can and will be grounds for being blocked, deleted or banned. This of course is being reported by even some large viewing social media channels that are being pulled and then given a laundry list of excuses under the new approved guidelines of appropriate speech however interpreted by the left.

** So now more then ever its important to be wise as a serpent but subtle as doves in protecting your identity while tripling our efforts to present, post and vote for a greater America and the preservation of our Constitution which in this late stage of the election has been revealed to the world to be under threat by the powers that be, because they know the hour of their removal from power is at hand. May Almighty God and his perfect wisdom and laws defended us all from another 8 years of debauchery and madness that our once great nation has been lead downward.