Saturday, September 17, 2016

*** I had some very good and almost unexpected news just about an hour ago, and I'm so grateful to the only true God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He not only is the author of all life that exist everywhere, but the only way to understanding this life's true meaning, and He is the only gateway to our next state of existence with Him where we will be remade in His perfect image in heaven forever. But ONLY to those that receive Him as children are, and choose to believe and follow Him first and foremost. To them He gives eternal life so that this 1st death has no sting for those that know Him personally. And although this whisper of a life is precious, it cannot be compared to what we who put our trust in Him have to look forward to in eternity, from everlasting to everlasting!

* Anyway after 3 months of having classic urinary tract and prostate symptoms, I decided  to get the prostate and bladder exam from a urologist I have been avoiding for 12 years, ever since I left military service. Long story short after all the classic testing from physical exam to PSA blood testing and fiber-optic camera examination of my bladder and prostate (Ouch-ouch-ouch!). The moment of  truth had arrived. I remember praying in waiting room number 3 and asking the Lord to help me accept any outcome with faith, trust and anticipation of whatever He had in store, and that instead of additional mental strength, His increased Spiritual presence in my mind and body, was far more desirable to me. Anyway after the hair-raising fiber optic exam and some time to catch my breath the doctor came in and said while standing the whole time and me sitting in that small chair...

“I'm giving you some sample new medication that relieves the symptoms that you have and I will need to see you in two week to see if its working, or if we can try some other false symptom medication. But as far as your bladder and prostate you need to run out of this place with a smile because both literally look pristine compared  to most I'm used to seeing on a daily basis. For your age your prostate is firm and just slightly enlarged, but otherwise in great shape.  As far as your PSA test the numbers came back low. So run out of here with a smile and make an appointment for two weeks to tell me if this new med took care of those symptoms.” 

OH LORD! Your loving kindness and Spirit is so strong and wonderful, It truly awakens me, just like the song...

 ***UPDATE! I am black to posting on blog spot because that most famous and used social media service known by 2 words has blocked my account but not for political or religious reason they assured me, but  due to any one of a cornucopia of reasons they listed to pick and chose from, anyone of which could be used to block any account. They told me they would consider restoration if I was willing to provide valid government photo ID which included address, SSN and utility bill, and phone number. I was almost tempted until researching others this has and is happening to, only to discover that almost no one after providing this information gets their account restored... For someone like myself its makes no difference, in fact only supports 2 key Bible verses that Christian persecution and loss of 1st amendment rights is already here and will get much worse under a HC administration, and that when this happens its time to move on to others who have not yet heart the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And so I will be moving on to other popular forms of social media available until censored. Remember this may be America's last chance for regain control of our government for the People and by the People. So please I implore all true Americans that love liberty, the constitution and the Bill of Rights to vote for Donald Trump and tell everyone you know to do the same.