Friday, September 23, 2016

Congratulations sir on "coming out" in a good and decent way by supporting and endorsing Donald Trump. PLEASE do what you can to use your excellent legal articulation to help bolster his campaigning in any way you can as I sincerely pray to almighty God he will appoint you to the supreme court. We need all the help we can get as many facets of our government, broadcast media, and now even social media is being censored and brought to bare against the supporters of Donald Trump to derail his campaign. Remember how imperfect Moses and David were when God decided to use them for his purpose, surly we cant allow this opportunity to turn back the lunacy which will continue exponentially in a Hillary Clinton administration. And to everyone else I say, but especially to those that have been bullied and disheartened by the opposition's many legs and tentacles that have in these last days destabilized even our very safety in exchange votes, to please continue your efforts in every area by giving, posting, registering and spreading the good news that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote away from tyranny we have been lead by and if not victorious headed for.