Friday, September 30, 2016

Before the election in fact on October 1st 2016, President Obama and the Democrats will be handing over United States sovereignty of the internet to an international body made up of UN governments which will include China, Russia, and Iran. This according to the democrats so that there will be more safety. Republicans have been fighting this using the budget but failed and now resorting to a lawsuit which my be too little too late. Make no mistake that the freedom of speech that criticize our government policies will no longer be protected by the 1st amendment of the constitution and can be curtailed using pay for play outside the reach of US courts or the supreme court jurisdiction. Instead a world court or the UN will now make these freedom decisions for all US Citizens on FB, TWT, ect. This goes to show that while the Obama/Hillary administration speaks volumes of outrage about recent hacking of emails by Russia which exposed the truth, with the same mouth can justify unilateral giveaway of a national technological treasure to our our rivals in exchange for US Social Media Control which is a great threat to the establishment. Never again will we enjoy the freedom of personal and social control to shape the debate about a presidential election like today ever again! After today ALL MEDIA will be put back in the hands of the Globalist without citizen interference.

PLEASE SHOW YOUR OUTRAGE by contacting your district congressman, senator, and the president to stop this before its too late.

***Jesus warned us about these days of freedom darkness that are coming: “While it is still daylight (metaphor for freedom), We must all work quickly to carry out the tasks (of freedom) assigned to each of us by God who sent us into the world. Because night and darkness is coming upon the world, and then no one will be able to work freely anymore. (John 9:4)