Friday, December 11, 2015

Anyone who refuses to endure patience and kindness without envy and pride does not know what real love is. Furthermore they do not know God, because God is love. Everyone who truly loves has been “born again” of God and knows God.

Marriage between one man and one woman or engagement was never intended by God to be based on “NEED” but rather on “LOVE”. From the creation we were by design intended to fall in love with one another using the unlimited resources that we once had before “the fall” of mankind. Our only true need for God had been severed by our own actions and with it our capacity for unlimited love and devotion in any relationship. Today most relationships, engagements, and marriages between a man and a woman are based on a very conditional, fragile, and shallow type of love mostly based on need and desires, this until we eventually realize and accept that the person we were once head-over-heels in love with is not the god we need at all, but just another fallen, aging and broken creature like ourselves full of flaws... So whats the remedy to our inherited flawed and fallen state, and what is the cost for its remedy. Not religion, not medicine, not political though many keep trying. Nothing short of a Savior is needed, something only God Himself could provide, sacrificing his Holy Self by taking on the form of flawed humanity. But being truly flawless God suffered and payed the price for Adam & Eve's weakness and rebellion, so that now by faith in Jesus Christ we become reborn spiritually and regain the power of God's Holy-Spirit inside us so that our once capacity for unlimited love, devotion, and fearlessness to know and share the truth is once again restored with in our relationships.