Thursday, January 15, 2015


I have enjoyed sharing The Truth & The Way with everyone but especially those that have taken the time to contact me and share their love of Christ. Still others have called my entries not freedom of expression but  promotionalism, which only reenforces what Christ predicted would happen in the last days “That a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household”. The Lord has had me move my continuing entries onto Facebook for as long as freedom of religion, the last morally clean rule of law is upheld in the constitution, or the Lord returns to take me home along with all other true believers. Besides this small change in moving my Blog, I believe the Lord has been preparing and calling me to “sell everything and follow Him” for quite some time now, in a major move to the mission field somewhere far on the continent or abroad permanently. I've only had hints of where, but I can almost certainly guarantee it will be someplace I did not intend to go or have spoken in the past lol. That is always the Lords way, full of marvelous surprises. One thing I do know is I will be going fully equipped on my own, as part of a group, or to an existing mission, we'll just have to see what doors open when I push. I am sure of this because there has been a strong sign of God closing doors here locally and with friends and family, while the Holy Spirit has been focusing my mind and attention that there is simply no reason for me to stay here anymore. I pray that God will gift me power as he has so many times in my life when it is His will, with almost supernatural strength, motivation and determination to get started and see this through sooner rather than later. Let it be in Jesus Christ name, to the glory of God the Father.  Amen...

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