Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Time is running out in this life in more ways then most people realize. Because of this there is a choice that everyone of us must make, a choice that will determine where we end up in the next life. A personal choice of surrender with forgiveness, or a choice of self willfulness and judgment.  The two choices are eternal and the choice is between Heaven and Hell. The Bible tells us a lot about these two choices...
Heaven is a real place of eternal fellowship with God and his family of true believers who have chosen forgiveness by believing in the cross and following Christ. Heaven is a place of perpetual gladness and joy, where all sorrowful memories of those that did not make it will be wiped away and death no longer exist. Most importantly, heaven was created and especially intended for mankind, a place so wonderful it is incomprehensible until you arrive.
Hell is also a very real place, a place of eternal life, solitude and weeping. A place of total and complete darkness, where separation from God and all creation is absolute. Most importantly, Hell is a place of man's willful choosing that was never intended nor created for mankind. Hell is a place created and specifically intended for Satan and his evil demons who went to war with God and deceived the world.  Hell is a place of consumption in a lake of fire and burning stone where worms cannot die, and where the smoke of torment is so great that there is perpetual wailing and gnashing of teeth day and night without rest forever and ever. Worst of all, the occupants of Hell will be able to see heaven far off in the distance and will be able to recognize people in heaven that they mistreated feasting in all good things completely out of reach..

CHOOSE HEAVEN! A message from Billy Graham: