Sunday, November 9, 2014

True Testimonies of The Broken Hearted “Your Defining Moment”

Take a moment out of your short and repetitive life to listen to how 3 people freely found the answers, reason, and purpose to LIFE in one defining moment! Unless you are already in the KNOW, Your life depends on this simple and compelling message.

Almost every American dreams about the U.S. Lottery where only 5 people win out of 50 million players per week, and yet these same millions stand in lines every week to participate. This while by comparison over 7000 people per day or 50,000 people per week die winning the lottery of death ticket just in the United States alone. Most in their sins without ever receiving the free gift of salvation though Jesus Christ, the greatest lottery of all time where everyone has the choice to be a winner. That is why Jesus said “where is the profit in gaining the whole world in your lifetime here on earth, if your going to forfeit your own soul by ignoring so great a salvation” (Matt 16:26/Heb 2:3). Don't let death catch up with you before you make the right choice. Make the greatest investment for you and your family, and carefully watch, listen, and consider the link below. Then make a choice.