Thursday, August 7, 2014

07AUG14 NEWS: "Obama authorizes air strikes in Iraq, humanitarian air drops" Finally, good news from the president who has been moved by God to act on behalf of the truly innocent victims, Christians being beheaded by ISIS radicals in Iraq

While the likes of so many nitwit celebrities use their fan-base fame to spout one sided vocal support of Hamas terrorist casualties supporting their human-shield propaganda war, they remain silent about the truly innocent minority christian groups which are being slaughtered, raped and forced from their homes by the tens of thousands. This is the same fan based that supported their celebrity-politicians who orchestrated the Arab-Spring in Libya and unleashed the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and ISIS which is now setting the world on fire. In her Op-Ed report Lisa Daftari nails the truth on the resulting failed leadership is failing America and the destroying the World.

For those folks that dont trust Fox News, here is a surprisingly truthful report by CNN