Sunday, June 29, 2014

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. He who believes in Him, who clings to, trusts in, relies on Him, is not judged, never comes up for judgment; and for him there is no rejection, no condemnation—he incurs no damnation. But he who does not believe (cleave to, rely on, trust in Him) is judged already, he has already been convicted and has already received his sentence, because he has not believed in and trusted in the name of the only begotten Son of God. He is condemned for refusing to let his trust rest in Christ. (John 3:16/18)

Knowing the truth really does set one free, not a cliche. From the time I believed and the scriptures (God's word) came alive for me, and the Holy Spirit entered into me, I knew from that moment on that our physical life here on earth was not driven by our flesh and blood existence nor our desires for the inanimate. But rather by architectural design of the one true God of the universe who spoke this living world into existence (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  The reason is for a place of testing, where man and women originally created free and without sin and in the image of God have fallen and failed the first test of obedience.  And although man becoming like God gaining the knowledge of good and evil, in disobedience forfeited access and friendship with his creator God.  Now every man and woman born are  predisposed toward evil, rebellion, and sin toward and against God.  And therefore forever separated from the one Holy God must be sentenced and destined for both physical (the 1st death) and spiritual (the 2nd eternal) death in Hell.  But the all loving and merciful God provided “The Way” of escape for those that are willing to “believe” (change direction and follow Christ).  God Himself willingly paid the penalty for the entire history of sin for every man and woman ever born regardless how bad.  God The Father allowed his only begotten son (God the Son) to leave heaven and be born physically as a man (Jesus Christ) to experience physical life just like us but without sin.  Jesus Christ paid the price and penalty of everyone's rebellion that the Father required. Not just rejection, crucifixion, and physical death, but much more Christ being holy became sin itself and had to suffer the total rejection of his own Father.  But because of this inexpressible act of love and sacrifice, not only was all sin atoned for but Jesus Christ himself was raised up more glorious by the Holy Spirit to sit at the right hand of the Father. This is the “GOOD NEWS” of the Gospel that the penalty for sin and death for everyone past, present, and future has been paid. A pardon is offered to anyone and everyone who is willing to participate in the demonstrated action of believing and being like Jesus Christ raise from the spiritual to spiritual life, born again of the Holy Spirit never to die again.  So for those that desire to be like Jesus and want the power to overcome not just life problems, but sin and death, there is still time while your alive but you must "believe and turn" to the lover of your soul (Jesus Christ) and be born again.

Cast your burdens upon the LORD, and he shall sustain you: he will never suffer the righteous to be moved or shaken. (Psalms55:22)

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