Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I have been under the radar working landscape on a home I'm preparing to rent in a retirement community (55 and older), why no blog entries lately. So Iv been busy and a bit of a spectacle to my neighbors who seem to enjoy the show as they see me with no help (other then from the Lord) moving 150+ pound boulders on uphill slopes, digging out tree stumps, wheel-barreling and tossing 9 tons of decorative gravel, and all the other paraphernalia that goes into home restoration. To be honest even I'm amazed that Iv bee given the strength, drive, and desire to do it. But this type of strength doesn't come from here below, but rather from the Lord above. The Lord of lords, the only true and wise God, who is my friend and the lover of my soul, my strength, and my salvation. My life has been blessed with world wide experience, cultural interaction, diverse personal relationships, and challenges. All of which included its fair share of disappointments, doubts, sorrow, and pain. And after a life time of experiencing life from both perspectives of being my own self centered god, vs surrendering to the one true God who lives within, the ladder is by far complete, fulfilling, and satisfying to the depths of my soul. Do I still have struggles, aches and pains? Of course! But there is a monumental difference building an eternal life on “The Rock (Jesus Christ)” and just existing on the shifting-sands of a self centered life without Christ awaiting judgment.