Thursday, October 10, 2013

Work is a blessing from God so that man can be occupied and enjoy the work of his hands both physical and spiritual by making Jesus Christ the inspiration and reason for all your work.

Without acknowledging this gift from God in praise and worship and making Jesus Christ the inspiration of all that you do, there is little if no satisfaction and enjoyment of work eventually dies.  The word of God tells us that we are supposed to acknowledge Jesus Christ in everything we do, and in doing so God himself will direct all our paths.  I am a witness and have a testimony of the personal failures I have experienced In  leaving God out of my decision making, and also the amazing blessings that God has allowed me to see and experience when I desperately seek His counsel. Jesus Christ never fails to direct all my paths.  My latest endeavor is the restoration of a Home I acquired and requires allot of work. To date God has blessed me with the ability to remove 7 dead trees and over 200 pounds of dead bushes, installation of new lighting fixtures and all window coverings. At my fat age of 56 manual hard labor is not easy and in fact would be quite awful and depressing without seeking God daily, hourly, in fact every minute of every day, resulting in a  great childlike joy to meet both my daily work along with all the aches and pains is wonderful and deeply satisfying. If I start forget the Lord and try and go it alone I eventually (within a day of two) end up flat on my face spiritually, mentally, and physically and remember why life feels so awful without my Lord and Savior’s Spirit.  Truly a man’s body is inspired by the spirit of man, and if that spirit is dead because of no relationship with Jesus Christ, there really is no joy in life. Pleasure and fun for a while yes, but eventually even that fades. With Jesus Christ the center of my life it’s like having the perpetual Ice-water of life in a world of parched dry deserts where nothing truly satisfies and most people are blind, struggle and suffer unnecessarily.