Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The simple truth about “US” according to the Word of God....

God is spirit, eternal, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Most of all God is Holy, perfect and pure in every way. WE "mankind" (male & female) are made in the image of God with respect to the spirit, eternal soul, and free will. Although God's ways and abilities are far greater than our own (as far as the east is from the west), nevertheless we have our spiritual Father's (God) attributes.  The first man & woman (Adam & Eve) used their gift of free will to rebel against God, choosing knowledge of Good and Evil instead of trusting God's law.  Because of man's rebellion against God, original sin was passed down throughout all the decedents of mankind to the present age. The evidence of original sin is seen today in our rebellious nature and the countless flaws we are all born with which include sickness, physical death, our mistakes, doubts, anger, hatred, and even madness just to name a few.  The problem is no matter what steps we as individuals, a culture, society, or government try and take to control this rebellious fallen nature toward God, all of us past and present remain fallen in original sin and outside the Saving Grace of God. There is no way outside of deceiving ourselves that mankind can find a way to be reconciled with Holy God. None of us is worthy to even approach God The Father for reconciliation, and so all of us without exception try and push God's love, judgment, and eternity out of our memory. Desperately focusing on this mortal life and drowning ourselves in fleeting pleasures and compulsive behaviors. This is the true, sad, and bad news for mankind.  It is also known as  “The wide-path that leads to destruction”, we are all on this path and most people have willfully chosen to stay on this path on there way to eternity after physical death, eternal destruction.

There is however “Good News” actually pretty wonderful and awesome news!  From the very beginning of time before any of us (mankind) chose to use our free will to rebellion against God.  God the Father (like any loving parent) saw man's coming rebellion and provided a way of escape know as "The narrow path that leads to eternal life". A path for all of us to escape hell and be reconciled with God, washed clean, and made perfect in God's sight as if we never rebelled and never sinned (born again). God the Father demonstrates this love and grace for all of us,  even while we were and are rebellious (then and today) by allowing His only begotten Son Jesus Christ (God the Son) who never sinned by coming to earth of His own "free will" and become sin, by allowing Himself to be executed as guilty while being innocent, at the hands of sinful mankind who He created. God did this to pay the price for all our sins, past, present and future and demonstrate his unrequited love and grace toward mankind. This is what is known as the "Narrow-Path" that leads us to eternal life with God, set free from the fear of death and the unknown. Anyone believing, receiving, and acting on this "Good News” taking the "Narrow path" receives the cleansing blood pardon from all sin and is reconciled with God, freely receiving the power of the Holy Spirit to become the children of God (born again).  Set free to no longer be a slave to the curse of original sin, fear, death, rebellion, regret, defeat, and all the rest of Satan's lies.  Yes this path is narrow but it is well lit, and paid for. All YOU have to do is choose (free will) death in continued rebellion or life everlasting in Jesus the Christ.