Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Since my wife died 3 years ago the Lord has granted me the grace and courage to share the Gospel with those I come in contact with through my BLOG, community college alumni associates, neighbors, business contacts, and tenants who rent my property. Recently I prayed about acquiring a 2nd rental property for not only the obvious business opportunity but as another conduit to share my faith in Jesus Christ with others. Initially it was very doubtful with very limited funds that I would be able to compete against all cash investors, and so my prayer to the Lord was that if not His will that the doors would close on this opportunity soon. Somehow when the bidding was done the seller (VA foreclosure) chose me requiring a loan over other bidders, just barely. That was 2 months ago (60 days) today and the seller who is the Veterans Administration had still not cleared the Title on this home and my loan with the bank was about to expire and I had lost allot of hope wondering why it was taking so long and was ready to start a writing campaign of complaints. At the same time I was reminded in scripture of how the the Lord is always faithful at the right timing leaving no room for doubt as to His overriding faithfulness to anyone who believes and walks with Him. So this morning as I was about to meet with the agent and lender to craft an appeal the seller to pay for my loan to be extended another 15 days to what would have been a total of 75 days, my agent got the word from the Veterans Administration.  My file had apparently got lost but now had been found and resent to the approving authority, and subsequently rushed through for approval today. Amazing that just when it seems all hope was lost the Lord came through when least expected working his will and timing through the same people who worked so hard to make this closing happen, it all came down to the file being lost then found suddenly. Just a fraction of His amazing grace perhaps, but nevertheless to me the faithfulness of Jesus Christ even in small things.