Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Gospel in Jesus own words tell us that we must be “born again” and as a result become new creatures.....

Imagine having an innate need to share the Gospel of Christ with your neighbors. Always sharing in love but without compromise, sometimes slow and subtle in a relationship, but always guided by the new creature God has made in you through the power of his Holy Spirit. This doesn't mean that our old dead nature doesn't try and rise up in compromise nagging at us to bury the truth about God in exchange for a old lie, but our new nature alive in Christ is stronger then our old dead nature which is dead. As new creatures we know the difference now, what its like to be lost and a slave in bondage to sin based on indulgence.  As new creatures in Christ Jesus the Holy Spirit washes inside us like a living spring of eternal water giving us indescribable peace and the ability to spread the truth and share the gospel. But its the power of God that draws a lost soul to the truth of God's plan when they allow their heart open up and receive it with faith.

I never met a person who wasn't able to eventually recognize a true child of God, as messenger of Gods Word, and the truth they carry on their lips. Sadly most people decide its too unconformable to be in their presence and desire the darkness with others rather than the light of Gods truth. While only very few that hear the truth receive it, accept it, and allow Jesus to open their eyes and receive the power of the Holy Spirit. The few people that do are born again as a new creature in Christ Jesus, forever shameless to share the gospel and reckless expressing God's love.