Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Such wonderful prayer put to song in such a beautifully gifted voice!

Speaking of gifts, my son just informed me that according to the scan results his wife will be having a baby girl, that will balance out his family since he already has a son. The lord is so faithful and has blessed my house to the next generation. 

"I show covenant faithfulness to the thousands 

who choose me and keep my commandments."

Dueteronomy 5:10

Besides this we must be born again of the Holy Spirit by believing in Jesus Christ with all your heart and mind, by this faith we are pardoned by the Father on behalf of the death of his only son  Jesus Christ. 
In the 70's there was a new Christian Artist named Keith Green who expressed for me what it was like to be born again at age 18. After 40 years  nothing has changed in my heart but the scenery.   "Jesus said anyone who believes in me may come and drink from me! For the word of God declares, 'Rivers of living water will flow from their heart."
Keith Green 1977 concert