Friday, April 12, 2013


It may be too long since I last posted, but rest assured I am not moved and the Lord Jesus Christ is my companion always in whatever trials come my way. Praise God I have been busy restoring my rental property and after moving 15 tons of landscape rock and gravel by hand followed by cleaning, scrubbing, and painting the interior, it is now ready for occupancy. This on top of tax season, the sale of 2 other properties and purchase of another it has been a tasking time marked with personal disappointment, hard work followed by undeserved blessings. One example of this is the news from my son that my daughter in law is with child and their shared excitement over it. May both my son and daughter in law seek and follow the savior Jesus Christ with all their heart so that His blessing will be poured out on them, not just for physical blessing's but for peace in their souls, mind and spirit, consecrating their family in accordance with Gods will, Amen!  
A prayer of truth with Gwen Smith as she sings this song live.