Saturday, December 15, 2012


What's amazing is how blind the people have become to what is really going on around them. A people once receptive to the words of warning spoken by Jesus Christ who foretold of these warning signs and their consequences, a people not so long ago having witness a very similar path taken by Germany during the last economic collapse which led to World-War II and its horrors. In fact a survey was recently taken at major universities of students who were asked “Who was Adolf Hitler and what role did the German people play (apathy)?” 11 of 12 students had no idea, the most common answer being that Hitler had a short mustache and caused a war.
So once again the whole world is on a strikingly similar path with all of the same warning signs only this time the players look-act differently, and the story-line has changed just enough so that most people are indifferent. When asked about these stark comparisons the common answer given by most adults in this country today are (“ I don't know, I don't care, and I don't want to know, I just want what's good for me, that's all”). This the same answer given by the citizens of 1936 Germany as their individual rights were systematically taken away and power given to “one-man” in exchange for great lies of promised prosperity, lies not possible yet believed.

As for me, I praise God for my redeemer Jesus Christ who has promised to deliver all true believers filled with the Holy Spirit from the coming onslaught which will claim 60% of the worlds population over a very short period of time. Meanwhile the rest of the secular world continues to go through the blind motions of pretending that “all is well” knowing deep down and with great apprehension that a collapse is coming. But for us who are saved and have the Spirit of the living God dwelling inside us, our eyes are are wide open, fearless and looking up in great anticipation of our Saviors return for deliverance from what is about to come upon the entire world.

My BLOG entry today inspired by a very vivid and almost unbelievable vision of a major catastrophe coming upon the earth in the future when I wont be here. In this vision I was standing in an unknown but familiar port city on a very clear and calm day where you could see very far for a 50 miles, not unlike 911. People in this port city stood and starred out to sea from the waterfront and office buildings windows memorized at what was an impossible scene. A continental size mountainous wave of water unbelievably tall (nothing like in the movies) and so far out to sea yet so massive it blocked out all of the horizon and at first appeared not to be moving. As it got closer it appeared to get even taller and little by little a strong wind from behind started to develop as if to meet the oncoming wave that was still so far off. At this point more and more people started running and screaming as if they knew it was impossible to get away on foot and in cars. I was frozen in place on the waterfront still totally awestruck of what I was witnessing because although I was self aware that I was having a vision in a dream the detail was so real I actually feared for my physical life. As the wave approached winds in the City harbor were now gale force from behind sucking debris and large objects out to sea like a great vacuum. Even though the base of the wave was still well beyond the harbor, the top crest of the wave blocked the entire sky strait-up overhead and overhung beyond my position casting a shadow over the entire city, the crest of the wave was as high as a jet plane could fly. Then suddenly all back-winds stopped and objects that were being vacuumed out to sea fell and things became deathly silent as if all sound was removed so that you could not even hear your own voice or the screams of the distant people and cars trying to get away. Then the mountainous base of the wave hit with such speed and force that everything in its path including the entire port city was instantly obliterated, the base of the wave moving inland and never actually braking as far as I could tell because hat is when I woke up. One thing I have learned about visions, unlike dreams visions are extremely detailed, realistic and remain intact in memory. I then recalled the words spoken by the Lord in scripture, of the “Great Tribulation” that in fact would not only be a time of economic collapse, famine, lawlessness and persecution, but just as Jesus foretold there would be natural disasters of such great magnitude the world had never experienced before, and never will again. I realized what I witnessed in my vision would be just one of many disasters that would come upon the earth, after the children of God are long gone, raptured and carried away to a better place. As the Gospel states “Come quickly Lord Jesus”.
In contrast God's heaven will be so awesome and we will be carried away and made perfect in the image of Christ inheriting all that God has prepared for those that love Him personally. Then all of our former bad memories and sorrows of lost love-ones that didn't make it will washed away, remembering only those “In Christ Jesus” that made it because they like myself made a life choice to believe, and be converted into the image of Christ, doing the will of the Father, in Spirit and in truth.

The lyrical words of Julie Costello in the song “Carry Me Away” really hits the nail on the head for me, of how Bible describes heaven in a song.

Carry Me Away
“There's a place that I know, I will go there some day.-
Where the air will be sweet on the streets, and the children (of God) will play!
With no fear in our hearts and no tears in our eye's-
The smile on our faces, the beautiful homecoming bride (of Christ)!
On wings of love He'll gather me, carry me away-
To peaceful shores in better lands, carry me away..oh carry me away..

We will all gather there (true believers), the great and the small-
The one's who had much, and one's who had nothing at all!
What a welcome they'll be, what a song we will sing-
As orphans adopted, and healed as a child of the King!
On wings of love He'll gather me, carry me away-
To peaceful shores in better lands, carry me away..oh carry me away..

Such a glorious place!, A City of Gold!-
No place can compete!, its beauty untold!
On wings of love He'll gather me!, carry me away-
To peaceful shores in better lands, carry me away...
On wings of love He'll gather me, carry me away-
To peaceful shores in better lands, carry me away..oh carry me away..yes carry-me-away....(where Carol and the rest of the family of God await)

Please listen to the audio link of this song below as it is not available on youtube, and see if I got all the lyrics correct which I had to transcribe by ear lol.

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