Friday, November 30, 2012


Demonstrators burn an Israeli flag during a protest in support of Palestinians, in front of the Israeli consulate in Istanbul
Today the UN voted passed a resolution to support a terrorist led organization known as “The Palestinian Authority” request for state member status! In that request that the nation of Israel who is not recognized to exist have its borders removed to the pre-1967 borders leaving Israel indefensible and that the Holy City of Jerusalem be split in half and given over to their control, in the photo above the Palestinian Authority celebrating the vote by burning the flag of Israel. This is amazing because the United Nations inside our own country has decided to support a terrorist organization that celebrated and tossed candy when 911. Even though the USA voted against this UN resolution in this case, our own nation the USA now sends massive aid to new Hamas-Terrorist led nations the USA administration put in power using the Arab Spring in both Libya and Egypt. Just a few years ago this would have been considered inconceivable in our country. But today most Americans just turn a blind eye, just like in 1939 when the world shrugged its shoulders at Hitlers grand plan “Mein Kampf” until it was too late and the world was set on fire..

The great news is that for Born again Christians all of this is Bible Prophecy (God's Word) being fulfilled before our vary eyes! And in-spite of the fact that the “Great -Tribulation & Armageddon  is about to unfold bring total devastation worse then anything rivaled in the history of world-War destruction,  True-believers let by the Holy Spirit of God have great peace and great expectation of God's promise of our deliverance (rapture to heaven), before all of this coming destruction (Gods Judgment) takes place on the entire-whole-world!

Don't miss out! Turn to Jesus Christ whole heartily and be saved, not just from the Great-Tribulation but from eternity in Hell.