Thursday, October 4, 2012

"We The People" not the leaders are responsible for America's coming judment

As citizens (myself included) "We The People" too often love to point finders at our leaders for the looming collapse of our nation's economic, financial, cultural, moral and spiritual underpinnings that have destroyed so many civilizations of the past. Its amazing so few of us have come to the realization that "We The People" are the ones who are responsible for allowing this mess, sometimes promoting this destruction  from within. Even now the majority of Americans who realize we must make a change would rather place our hopes in another flawed  leader then deal with the problem ourselves. So long as "We As Individuals" can still have our own piece of cake at the expense of the rest of the nation, this coupled with our absolute denial that God wont judge us and the Bible is a fairytale is what is going to set the stage for our nations demise by our enemies within and abroad. We The People will not and cannot change the course of this nation's eminent implosion until we as individual citizens have a change of heart toward God. 

Dr Robert Jeffress explains this well