Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Denial, and Christians blamed over embassy 911 attacks

Prophecy unfolding. Who would think that just in the last few years we would see the legitimacy of former terrorist groups in charge of newly formed middle east government coalition known as the Arab-Spring ushered into power by a NATO. Furthermore who would have thought just a few years ago that our tax dollars (3 billion) now go to support those radical governments that sponsored these radical 911 demonstrations leading to the attack of our embassies on the anniversary date of 911 resulting in the sodomy and murder of our ambassador.  Lastly who would have though that our own government would be in total denial claiming that the result of these attacks were not planned or coordinated attacks, but rather coincidental to the anniversary date of 911 and instead claim they are the result of radical Christians posting a 15 minute Youtube video more then 40 days prior to these embassy attacks. In the meantime the Muslim brotherhood has admitted openly to the sponsoring and planning of the 911 demonstrations leading to these attacks. The Egyptian Government has now issued international warrants for the arrest of Christians involved in the "disrespectful" video. All this while the US presidential campaign for reelection rolls on with business as usual and a majority of Americans in lock-step turn a blind eye to what is unfolding. 

Bible prophecy clearly points to the last days when evil will be legitimized and the law (Judeochristian law) will be called evil.  That the middle eastern governments would unit in a coalition to attack and persecute both Christians and Jews while the rest of the world looks on in approval. America and Americans are in serious trouble because as a whole we have turned our backs on our Savior Jesus Christ the only True and Wise God.  America needs to wake up and realize what just happened is just a dress rehearsal for whats coming next! Anyone who wants to escape what's coming had better repent, get right with God and walk in a real one-on-one relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please sign the petition  at the bottom (last link) for our government to stop funding the these middle eastern governments now run by the same terrorist that have attacked our nation, embassies and are still killing our service men and women. 

Obama administration reveals the truth behind the 911 embassy attacks!

U.S. Embassy al-Qaeda