Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Truly there is nothing anyone can do to change their sinful situation. In fact everyone is powerless to change as we are in supernatural bondage to the sin, and the ruler of this world (Satan) through the powers of darkness which has control over us so that we are powerless to change on our own. The only solution is total surrender, repentance and trust in Jesus Christ from the heart, who is the resin savior of the world, the only true and wise God and the only one who can save us. 

God demonstrated his love toward us while we were dead in our sins and paid the price for our sin, IF we believe (trust-in, obey and follow) in Him. When we surrender and place our trust in him, He baptizes us with the Holy Spirit and supernatural fire, we are born again and receive the power to brake the chains of darkness and Satan's hold on us. Then if we chose to remain in Christ (NOT man-made religion) we begin a friendship with God and that friendship changes us over time transforming us into the image of Christ. All the while having God the Holy Spirit dwell inside us and giving us comfort, guidance, and an incredible peace and assurance that we are saved and born-again. So you see we have to turn our lives over to Christ and he makes the supernatural changes in us both visible and invisible, not us. 

These changes are what are referred to in the Bible as “bearing fruit” and why Jesus said that you will know a true Christian believer by their fruit. Just like a fruit tree cannot grow noxious weeds of a sinful lifestyle, the same is true for a noxious weed that cannot grow the fruit of Gods love and righteous lifestyle. This is how you will know the real from the unreal Christian.

It is Gods will that everyone accept this free gift of salvation and the supernatural power that comes with it, but it is up to us to accept it by surrendering our dark lives of bondage over to Jesus Christ in exchange for freedom and eternal life. Unfortunately most people love the darkness rather then the light and are perfectly willing to barrow on their future and sacrifice truth, freedom, and eternal life for just one more insatiable morsel of compulsive addictive existence, vices and chains, this world has to offer in the here and now! Chains that by your own making will one day drag you down to and separate you from the love of God and your heavenly inheritance. 

Surrender your life to Christ and get to know Him before its too late!

Jesus Said: “Yes, I am the doorway. Those who come in through me will be saved. They will come and go freely and will find good pastures.”