Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"2012" Another new year of our Lord Jesus Christ!

As the world date marks its calendars by Christ birth and many nations once founded on Judeo-Christian law and ethics are now abandoning the truth for heretical beliefs based on humanism, existentialism, and even pagan law. In many communities laws now support open adult public nudism and erotic toddler and adolescent pole dancing contest in the same public venue. At the same time planet Earth is experiencing drought, polar ice melt, overpopulation, and dwindling resources to support the current population. Also with the advent of dictatorships collapsing and previously Communist states opening there doors, more people are converting to Christianity then in any other time in history. Approximately 8 million new conversions a year in communist China alone in-spite of heavy persecution, beatings and prison sentences. All of these things predicted in the most historically accredited publication ever written with over 8 billion copies printed which claims to be the inspired word of God commonly known as the bible. The bible containing a chronological record of man's creation by God, man's rebellion toward God, man's fall and separation from God, and God's plan of redemption, salvation and reunification with God for all those that accept, believe and diligently seek Him (God). At stake the willful choice of reunification with God through Christ for eternal life in an incorruptible state of joyful being, or the alternative choice of eternal separation from God and all His creation in a state of perpetual undieing corruptibility resulting in everlasting torment over so great a loss. Make no mistake about it judgment is coming for those not covered by the blood of Christ and have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them, evident by the love of Christ that is evident in one's words and deeds. Nothing else in this life will ever compare or be of such monumental importance with regard to our individual choice to accept or refuse Christ. Happy New Years for those that have made the right choice! Everyone else is on borrowed time with the weight of eternity in the balance!

I Refuse (Josh Wilson)

I Refuse (LIVE) http://

All you have to do is believe in your hart and confess with your mouth in the lord Jesus Christ that God raised him from the dead for the redemption of your sins, repent of your old life style and follow Him and He will do the rest. All things in your life will become new and you will receive the Holy Spirit giving you that power to change and become a child of the light.

Do Everything to the glory of God!