Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Its been awhile since I last posted on this blog. I could give you a list of reasons but lets suffice it to say that I have been mourning before God over my wife Carol's departure and all the missed opportunities while she was still here. Not in sadness like the world that does not know God and mourns over the death of the body. Rather with tears of comfort and gladness being comforted by God's Holy Spirit every day, bearing witness to me that Gods appointed time for Carol to leave this world included the preparation of her heart in which she finally understood, believed, and gave her heart to Christ. God allowed her to visit me just one time in the spirit in which she confirmed with tears the magnificent beauty and love she is experiencing, and her concern over us that still remain, over whether or not we will be able to later join her. Overwhelmed over the reunion and filled with the Holy Spirit , all I could speak about was what the scriptures tell us. I told her that she needed to return to paradise and allow God to wipe away every tear from eyes, becasue each of left behined must bare our own responsibility to choose salvation through Jesus Christ, and be born again of the spirit. That was the last and only time I saw her, after her departure from this world. Since then I have only had great peace that she is very much alive with Christ in paradise.

Today being the day she was born. I thought it would be nice to link her most played and favorite song before she was saved...The questions in this her favorite song were all answered after the day she accepted Christ. Within a few hours after she recited the sinners prayer with me, Carol was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and told me and two paramedics, that she could clearly see that lights of heaven above her opening up and was no longer afraid to die.

And of course, my song to Carol.

The Video by Mathew West