Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Acknowledging Christ once again

Although my blog entries have been fewer, God is always faithful to reminds me to share the Gospel in any way I can because it is the truth unto eternal life with Christ who is with the Father preparing a place for those that love Him. We are now living in extraordinary times in that for the first time in our nations history the majority of the people of this nation have turned their back, care less, and are indifferent toward the laws and principals of God’s Word which help found this nation and bring the favor and Grace of God blessings upon us. Because as a nation we have become a sinful self centered majority, spiritual darkness with it all the plagues that have been brought upon other nations in history are now starting to come upon our nation.
In the past when God’s rebuke would be upon us like in the grate depression we always turned back to God as a moral majority and had Christian revivals and repented toward the living God in spirit and in truth and God would forgive us as a and restore our prosperity. Point is this battle we are now waging is not political but a spiritual battle and for the first time neither political party can see that. In fact our political leadership want to distance themselves from Christianity opposing the acknowledgment of Christ in any way possible, removing His name and commandments from our courts and schools. The only reason why we and this nation exist and have done extraordinarily well is because of the past acknowledgment we as a nation once gave to God and in return God giving us his Grace and Favor. Once that Grace and Favor have been removed there is absolutely no remedy for this country that will stop the inevitable chaos that is about to be unleashed. For our own good if we continue down this road where we treat Christ as just an afterthought behind ourselves, our material possessions, our life styles and cardinal acts outside Gods Laws, we will lose everything individually and collectively until as a nation in majority we humble ourselves before God and repent, acknowledging Christ once again at the center of everything we do for "The promise of a lifetime" Amen!
Kutless live, Promise of a Lifetime