Monday, February 16, 2009


It is amazing how when we decide to walk with the Lord just how committed He is to us regardless of or perceived weaknesses and fears of failure. Like the great and perfect father we all wish we had the Lord shows and guides us on the strait path toward eternal life and joy, and though we stray, stumble and fall he is always there to lift us up with great strength if our expectation is to find his salvation. Though life can have pains, sorrows, and snares that persist, I find our greatest enemy to conquer is always ourselves. From the time I was a child I have never been able to free myself from those few insurmountable chains that life gives all of us, and without Christ I would have surly sank into the recesses of failure and despair long ago and would have led a much different life, life without hope.
Praise God he has always been real to me and rescued me from not just my enemies but more importantly myself, breaking free the chains of bondage, making my life prosperous, setting my spirit on fire, placing my soul on solid ground, sharing with me the real meaning of this life, and the secrets of the life that awaits me in paradise. Though the world tries desperately to sell me any lie I am willing to sell my soul for and which leads to eternal death, The Voice of truth (Gods Word) tell me the true story and meaning of everlasting life.

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