Sunday, December 16, 2007

War with Africanized Bees & B1250 touring package

I know its been a while since my last entry as I have been a bit preoccupied typing away on numerous motorcycle forums. But here are some recent highlights:
   One recent afternoon while trimming dead palm tree limbs I had my 1st encounter with Africanized  bee hive that made a home in my cable box outside front yard. While trimming some dead branches 5 feet away one of them made the fatal mistake of deliberately slamming a stinger into my ear which provoked me into rare but tirade response of bitter anger.  A minute later armed with new plastic trash bag and a cup of  (50 to1)  malathion, I yelled out an assault cry and charged the nest, I received 3 additional stings to my hands that hit like a knife, but those bees sounded like a jiffy pop maker trying to exit that green cable box with only malathion to breath. Unfortunately for them they messed with the wrong Human........Boy those guys really attack slamming into you when they sting. I attached some pics of there now dead nest at least until I noticed they started moving again so I glued the lid down and pluged all the holes with silicone sealer to stop a another nesting. Bah, Africanized Bees, their not so tough.

I Finally installed the last of the major touring accessories I ordered for my B1250 for the trip down to Argentina or Alaska, maybe a ship trip overseas to convince myself once more that the JUST US is still the greatest nation on earth to live, will see. Anyway here are some photo with the full touring cases, cushion, and Double Bubble touring windscreen.

  **I would like to give a special thanks to the only true and wise God, Lord and savior Jesus the Christ, who's name is above every name for this season of thanks giving and blessings and pray for many more Amen.