Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Prayer for my Grandpa Eddie

I received news today that my Grandpa Eddie who is 91 years old was in the hospital with pneumonia. So I went to one of my favorite hills in the desert to say this prayer for him:

Dear heavenly father to who we owe our very existence and who has provided all of creation a testament of your righteousness and loving  kindness. I come before you first to ask forgiveness of all my shortcomings in the name of your Son Jesus who died  and paid the price for my sin and to all who seek your face and believe in his name.  I ask that your servant Edward Garcia receive your comfort and compassion  in this time of illness and great age.  Let him feel your presence and  the love of the Holy Spirit which surpasses all understanding.  Let him contemplate on your word with joy and gladness in preparation for whatever  your will for him shall be . In your Son’s name Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.