Monday, November 12, 2007

Speaker Pelosi honors veterans day with sabotage of VET spending bill

While General Petraeus planned surge has made excellent progress in Iraq ( since his last report to democrats who blasted his plans and recommendations ( democrats now refuse to acknowledge the real progress being made in Iraq by our service men and women with the Iraqi people playing a lead role.
   Adding insult to injury Speaker Polosi has rallied democrats to sabotage the veterans spending bill by refusing to approve and to send it to the Preident for signing unless $23 billion is added to the bill in special interest spending programs which are completely unrelated to the money veterans need. The President urging the democrats to finally pass the needed money for our well deserving veterans in his November 10th radio address (,2933,310399,00.html). Its sad to think that while democrats openly use veterans day on the campaign trail to further their personal interest and careers, behind the scenes they dishonor us by denying our servicemen and women recognition for the hard won progress being archived in Iraq while simultaneously stabbing veterans in the back by refusing to sent the President a veteran spending bill, unless lined with their own pork barrel $23 billion pet programs that I believe eventually work their way back in kickbacks for the democrats own personal gain.
    As a 30 year veteran all I have to say is that if we continue to vote these people in office from the growing weakness in America's ranks, our children and our children's children will surly inherit a fallen country. So please be a part of the solution and think about it, voting with wisdom and resolve at the next upcoming elections.