Monday, October 29, 2007


I thought I would take the Jeep out today so I did a little maintenance first and managed to get the fast idle down to 900 RPMs. Apparently the fuel cleaner added to the gas is working and it seems every time I take it out now it runs smoother and starts more easily. I took it up some steep hills today and discovered I will be needing some shocks and lift spacer for the rear axle so the tires wont rub. Overall I was surprised how well it gos' though sand and in 4 wheel drive how well it climbs. This means that if my dirt bike or quad should ever brake down out there in some creek bed, I will be able get it out of therewith a bumper carrier, my next purchase. If I get those new shocks I think passengers will be able to take slow rides to some very nice spots which is what I am primarily going to use it for, guest, bike retrieval, and boat towing. I told everyone I know on the trail it is my new quad, then explained the story of why I have it and how special it is.