Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Settled on the new mighty B1250

Supplemental: I couldn't get my new B1250 registered today because the salesman forgot to put down the odometer information on the invoice. So now he has to mail it to me slow boat. Guess I shouldn't complain because I made the same mistake when I sold my old motorcycle LOL.

Well I finally settled on the new Suzuki B1250s in red (non abs). At least that is what I thought until I road tested it which completely surprised me realizing  that this bike is far superior to my sold modified 05 B1200. Without the technical details the new B1250 is simply more powerful yet more controllable, smoother and almost electric, handles much more like a sport then a standard. So much easier to handle and surprisingly comfortable without bar-risers and quiet as a hand held vacuum cleaner (for now), and most importantly no buzz of any kind. Truly much more then I expected and no wonder I had trouble finding one at a great price as they had sold out in LA for the year. Luckily for me one was hidden in Barstow at an excellent price plus 20% off all accessories like the matching side luggage and top trunk which I placed on back order. It is simply everything I had wished my B1200 could be but never quite could. You have to ride this new bandit to appreciate it as sitting on it only feels familiar, all that disappears with one good ride. On the drive home from the dealer the bike in the back of my pickup, I actually missed and regretted selling my old 05 B12 because I felt bad that I had more less ended up where I started a year later somewhat unnecessarily. But just 1 ride changed all that completely and I hate to admit it but I was completely wrong about this bike.