Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Suzuki 1250 or Kawasaki ZX14 which one should I buy? Undecided

For those of you that know I sold my 2005 Bandit 1200 motorcycle last spring it was a great and beautiful bike but I wanted to plan and research for one of the new fuel injected motorcycles controlled by computer because of realizability and better performance. Below is a picture of my sold bandit.
Below is a picture of the new Bandit 1250 with a new designed computer controlled fuel injected engine, new 6 speed transmission and new frame and a video clip at top speed.
Bandit 1250 photo
Bandit 1250 top speed run

BUT! I am still torn after all this time over getting the ZX14. The world fastest production motorcycle ever made that just broke the world land speed record and Bonneville Salt Flats Utah
ZX14 Photo
Video of ZX14
So I have been pondering this for a year now and still am undecided.