Sunday, October 14, 2007

John Fogerty returns strong new album called Revival

I was listening to the radio driving through the desert when this great song came on called "Don't you wish it was true" with the most incredible lyrics, melody and that unmistakable voice. Almost brought tears to my eyes to know he is bringing back some very down to earth music. I haven't bought an album in 20 years but I will be getting this one for my birthday (Right kids!).
Below is the news report and the music video of just one of the songs on the album which I hear is great.

While there has always been controversy over his songs against wars both Vietnam and Iraq, his music only expresses an idealistic kind of truth and I have always respected even while I was in the service. His God given gift for music composing and one of a kind singing style is an appreciated thing to me, not whether or not we agree politically. After all Americans have fraught and died for all freedom including expression, lets never forget that.

After more than three decades, John Fogerty, one of the most important songwriters of all time, has returned to Fantasy Records.
'Revival' is Fogerty's first album of new material on Fantasy, and represents a renewed musical spirit and heart. John Fogerty's new video, "Don't You Wish It Was True" is a four minute slice of American life filled with hope and optimism. The song is the first single from his new album 'Revival filled with images of innocence, beauty and children at play, the video and the song reflect Fogerty's wish for a better tomorrow."