Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The mild breezy temperatures made for a very pleasant and fun visit from my Big sister and her resilient husband George. They of course had come to visit and also take the opportunity to attend a BB-King concert in Laughlin NV, which unfortunately had been canceled. They both made the drive up to the area from CA in separate vehicles in order to honored me with the caretaking of their late son’s and my nephew’s (Steven) Jeep Wrangler.  My sister having enjoyed  the Jeep for a number of years wanted to retire it to more off road use for which her son had original intended. So its seems like no coincident to me that God has not only fulfilled my need and prayer request for a true and capable off road vehicle for use here in the desert hills of Arizona, but also providing me a connection with the nephew who I wish I could have spent more time with in this life. Although I have always believed Steve was covered by Gods grace, for the first time I truly feel Gods unshakable blessed assurance that it is true not by just receiving Steven's jeep which was no coincidence, but in my most recent prayer this evening on my favorite hill.

My sister , George, Carol and myself took time to visit and dine just across the river in Laughlin NV and the following day took a trip in the Steven's Jeep to the town of Oatman via the off road route cutting 40 miles off our trip. Oatman is famous for there wild hillside burros which are the descendents of the gold rush days when they were used in the mines, but now visit the town tourist daily for fresh carrot hand outs. Although my sister visited for 5 days it seemed more like 2 as we had such a great time, again no coincident but a blessing.