Sunday, October 28, 2007

07 Bandit 1250 vs 05 Bandit 1200

People who are not riders or riders of large displacement sport bikes have been asking me what was the difference between the practically new 2005 Bandit 1200 I owned and the 2007 Bandit 1250? So I decided to share with you some of the information I have been posting on Bandit forums for benefit of other riders who want to know. First let me explain the the 2005 Bandit was the last year model produced in the USA until the all new 2007 model was introduced in 2007. Suffice it to say that the 2007 Bandit although part of the old line is a completely redesigned and improved motorcycle. The following are my BBS postings titled. The new Bandit 1250 VS The the old Bandit 1200 line.

The evaluation continues. Took the bone stock B1250 today on an 80 mile round trip ride from Bullhead City AZ to Kingman AZ with steep grades and 10-15 MPH winds. The trip was a climb in elevation of 2500 feet to have lunch and back down again with some grades of 6% with highway speeds of 70-80 MPH.
   The B1250 once again surprised me in areas I didn't expect. In comparison to my now sold 05 B1200 I noticed that even after I had installed a fork brace the front wheel on my B1200 would still wander strongly if my front wheel encountered any parallel tar lines or cracks in the road bed on this same road. My B1250 with no fork brace and stock tires wasn't affected at all, even when I deliberately placed my front wheel on them nothing happened, cool!
   I noticed that the wind blast on my stock B1250 is in the same spot at helmet level, much higher then my 05 B1200 with the stock wind screen which hit me in the chest. I noticed that the wind resistance on the B1250 is much better then my B1200 was, especially noticeable when passing a large tractor trailers which required me to duck down on my 05 B1200 to keep from being buffeted and pushed. On my B1250 I can stay upright and although I can feel the air pressure change and turbulence around me, it has very little influence, like cigarette smoke the wind just swirls around but hardly pushes me or the bike anymore.
   I noticed it takes much less work to control the B1250 almost like it has a steering dampener installed, my 05 B1200 seemed to need much more input for road bed differences, wind, turns, and lane changes which are all easier on the B1250.
   The seat in the B1250 is defiantly using denser foam and like I suspected better for weight shift input and better for lower back support compared to my 05 B1200 stock seat which seemed more squishy comfortable but provided poor support for the back as the seat would just role in while muscles lack a firm enough base to support my lower back. With the B1250's firmer base foam I was able to provide very good weight shift input and was actually more conformable on 1-2 hour rides as my back muscles had a firm enough base to support my lower back. I believe the addition of an inset section of 3/4 inch gel will make the stock seat firm enough for wight shift input and back support while soft enough on the 3/4 inch surface to offset monkey butt on long rides.
   Although I never felt my 05 B1200 had any physical vibration or buzz whatsoever, it certainly did sound like it did, and I don't miss the rattle, buzz and clamoring sounds my front fairing made at 3000-4000 RPMs. My B1250 on the other hand although devoid of any physical engine or road vibration has a good connected feeling to the road, not floaty or soft, however my B1250 is much too quiet and stealthy stock and I am constantly havening to remind other drivers that I am coming or next to them by toggling my high beam and using my horn, and for the first time I can tell you all the different noises that the wind makes inside a helmet. So I will defiantly be installing performance exhaust as I consider it a safety problem.
   I will also be installing Genmar bar risers to improve an already improved riding position over my 05 B1200 even with Bar risers installed. The foot peg distance to seat hight on the B1250 seems a little short but for some reason is not unconformable even after a long ride, the B1250 20mm seat adjustment may help with this.
   Power delivery is on the B1250 is direct, smooth and linear, lacking the inharent lashy abrupt response I would receive from my 05 B1200 carburetors providing that momentary uncontrolled feeling that makes the adrenalin flow. Sort of like the difference between the old wooden rollercoasterand the new steel track rubber wheel coasters, the former is more nervously exciting but the control and effect of the B1250 is more appreciable especially if your over 50 like myself I now enjoy a more relaxed and competent yet more powerful ride.