Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sorry no pictures for this one, although it would have added the needed drama to get my story entry across.
   After depositing the rent check at the local BOA that I received from my tenant I was anxious to get back into my old 91 Nissan pickup, turn on the air conditioning that still worked and get on with a few more errands I had around town. My old Nissan with 198,000 miles had been complaining all week with problem starting like the battery was dieing, but I knew better since the battery was only 2 month old and fully charged. I suspected either a bad ignition relay or starter relay that was about to die, but being retired with no real commitments in a small town, I figured the worst that could happen was that it would give me something to do if it failed. So in front of the bank my old truck would not turn over which normally needed only coaxing, now would not start at all. So now I had to call for help. You would think that help from someone close would provide concerned response and offered assistance but instead all I received was complaints of being bothered and how long was the whole thing going to take. So I realizing my so called helper was only going to be in the way and told them when they arrived to stay in their car while I try and push start my own truck without their help. It must have been comical to see a 50 year old boomer pushing this old truck down the parking lot trying to simultaneously jump in and bump start the truck. Unfortunatly with no helper to push and no incline for speed I was unsuccessful so it was on to plan B (a cable jump start). A jump start might have provided enough juice from my helpers car to get the relay to work one more time, again a stream of complaints from my helper inside the air conditioned car as to what was I doing now and how long is this going to take and why didn't I belong to AAA! Unfortunatly plan B didn't work either as the stubborn relay was obviously burned out so it was on to plan C. Now I needed my helpers assistance to take me 1 mile to the parts store to buy an ignition relay as I believed that it was the most likely cause, again more complaints but sticking to the plan I ignored all the bull and directed my helper to the parts store which thankfully had the part in stock for $12. Again more complaints as I directed my helper back to my truck which seemed agonizing to them as if I was exacting some great physical task. With the new part replaced the old truck fired right up almost triumphantly as my helper looked on in amazement that my unwaivering efforts and lack of panic actually worked. Now all my focus dropped in relief and pleasant vindication that it was what I suspected and I had fixed the problem and pleasantly waived my helper to go home back to their TV meditations. But to my surprise my helper insisted that the fix probubly would not  last long and that they would go out of their way to follow me and make sure I made it home. Not being one to point out the obvious irony to the single minded I agreed.
   In reflection it is amazing how we as human beings seem to be most strongly motivated to help out fellow man when the least amount of help is needed and how slow we are at times to act when others in true peril desperately need out help. Although most of us overcome this flaw, too many of us still fail to act when needed most.