Thursday, August 30, 2007

Monsoon rains fight summer heat

It seems that this year the weather here in Bullhead AZ is clashing as summer seems to be fighting the monsoon season. It all makes for some beautiful scenes captures with my small 5 megapixel camera, wishing I had carried  my large 12 megapixal. In contemplation it is easy to see and understand how no artist brush ever matched on canvas the splendor of Gods  handwork as He is after all the author and finisher of all concepts and creations, what a wonderful and awesome God. Anyway hopefully October will bring the heavy rains and I will capture the seasonal runoff when all the dry streams and river beds leading to the Colorado come alive with rushing waters and waterfalls and where my new fast ATV called "Dereblanco" will be able to carry me up the side of a canyon wall quickly should I encounter a small flood while taking pictures.