Saturday, August 18, 2007

Monsoon and Haboob's

Monsoon season is reaching full strength as I am having to avoid the riverbeds during my off road rides, always looking for a quick exit should I see a Haboob followed by a down burst and flash flood. I have yet to catch one on camera but you can see the trees torn out of the riverbeds the following day. The new planned communities here have huge storm drain pipes that are 9 feet tall, big enough to ride your motorcycle through standing up as we use them to get around the canyons on our rides. A Haboob is a huge bubble shaped wall of dust that is in front of a down burst and your only warning to reach high ground. This is where having a powerful dirt bike or ATV comes in very handy on the desert floor. Above is a picture of one coming to our community and then the down burst hitting from inside our garage, the only part you don't see is the flash flood which is diverted by those huge pipes underground.
    Amazing how God created all things for a purpose as without these down burst or Haboobs the plant life would not be able to store water, spread seed, or pollinate which in turn feeds all the wildlife.