Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back to building my own PCs

There was a time ten years ago when I built my own PC for personal use and special security applications for my old Gov job. Since I recently bought a desk top package from HP with all the new CPU and OS technology it has sparked an old interest so I started researching all the gains and changes in the past few years and decided to once again build my own over clock machine. It turns out now a days that although you don't save much in money as assemblers like Dell and HP have dropped the price of a bundle that used to cost upwards of $2000, you can get the satisfaction of building your own machine with the capabilities you want and good brain exercise in understanding how it all works which saves money through social independence in the long run.
So doing allot of research on these new PCs and OSs, here are just some of the things I found out. If your going to buy or build a 64 bit machine (i.e. Athlon 64X2 Dual-core) Don't buy any MS OS in 64 bit version as all of it is incomputable with almost all hardware except business hardware. Not even a brand new HD or CD from retailer will function as it is all still 32 bit compatible. Even though you can buy all the versions of Windows Vista in 64 bit for the same price as 32 bit no retailer is installing it for home or personal use as the retail industry has not caught up, only custom business hardware like big servers and secure PCs have it. You should still buy a "dual-core" machine to be ready for the future 64 bit hardware which is coming soon, just make sure for now you use the 32 bit OS. I found a very reputable site that sells everything for the home PC builder "Newegg" (great reviews) and building a PC for someone's birthday.  It turns out that  the prices to part build your own PC from a reputable supplier is about the same if you buy it bundled from a big assembler like Dell or HP, so the price I paid for my HP bundle was pretty darn good considering it includes the new larger 300giabite  HD and "Light Scribe" DVDRW, however its not easy to find these deals and if you don't know better you can end paying for a slow system. The only big benefit in building your own machine is that you get to pick the features in the MOBO and CPU like the ability to "over-clock" and or pick the type graphics board and audio board you want based on your needs and desires it can make a real difference. Also there is the benefit of having more confident knowledge of your system making you less vulnerable to a brake down if all that is required is a new video card or  MOBO without being at the mercy of HP or Dell who's MOBO's are custom and proprietary and must be purchased and serviced by them, requiring yet another major purchase.  Anyway here is the setup I am building the MOBO I chose and researched will allow me to run the slower and lower cost chip at 6000+ speed.
This Brisbane chip above was designed to run cooler so it can be over-clocked to 3.0Ghz with stability with the MOBO I chose below.
The 2 GB memory I chose below has good reviews for the price
After reading all the specs on the different OS versions, MS Vista Home Premium gives the best value. The home builders version cost less the retail version, however if it weren't for the fact that I like Vista Home Premium  better then XP (after tweaking it) I would be using my old XP license.
So this is all I need since I already have a good case, power supply, fan, DVDRW, CDR, and HD salvaged from my old PC that died last year, for a total cost of $339.96.
   For me like any hobby it gives me more brain satisfaction then anything else. In the very near future home building will be a thing of the past as all PCs will be composed of one integrated board with key strokes and mouse inputs a thing of the past. PC's will be intelligent and we will interface with only words and a few hand commands or controls.
   If any of you are wondering why I'm not wearing a wrist grounding strap in the photo above, its because I never liked the interference so I made one for my big toe, but I will spare you that photo.
Let me close by adding that while the enjoyment in all of life's purposeful pleasures, whether it be motorcycle riding or the enjoyment of fixing your own PC, all these things are a gift from God and only a prelude of the awesome joys and wonders God desires for us to experiences for eternity after this life, where we will first be judged according to relationship with his son the Christ. who's rejection by our own choice in this life will separate us from his presence and all creation for eternity, where there will be only sorrow and gnashing of teeth.