Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I don't like spending an entire day in the house without working out but since I bought a new computer and have been trying to fix my old one I tend to be single minded once I get started on these things. Set up of a new boxed computer is easy except for making sure that its protected with anti-virus, firewall and spyware which is over looked by most and as good as money down the drain especially if you don't use it.

The new computer which I always name by the processor "Athlon 4400+" works great and fast as a blinking eye even when multitasking its fast. But the Windows Vista operating system is even more proprietary then XP was by a great margine. Not only can you not use your old programs but any document you created at a friends house making a touched up photo using Photoshop will not allow you view it on a Vista system. Unless you have a license for Photoshop handy you wont be looking at your old stuff, and we all know only 1 out of 100 people owns a Photshop license. So Microsoft is back to its old tricks using its monopoly on PC operating systems to squeeze the public. The government needs to dismantle Microsoft into about 5 companies, just like they did the phone companies. But this new computer is still a great deal and I noticed when I went to Office Max today to buy some CD's, that all those new systems had sold out.

My laptop "Pentium 3200" is still a good machine and worth fixing but its every bit as tedious to format and reload an operating system and all its drivers and software compounded with broken hardware (internal wireless LAN). Just as hard as it is to make major repairs on a car or motorcycle. You even have to call Microsoft to get permission now to resurrect an old operating license as they have invalidated all old license numbers which won't work in the computer unless you call them first to give them a reason and get a new key. The key in exchange for a small program they load into your computer system that pop's up to remind you every 20 minutes that you should buy more of their software, MS is the new telemarketers of the Internet. Well at least everything is back together and running in the laptop after 2 days as I used it to write this journal entry and will now lend it out to friends and family for their vacations. I just need to uninstall that darn MS program with a solution I found on the internet that a hacker posted and developed free, LOL

Tomorrow I can get back to my workouts, eating, and riding my bike.