Monday, July 9, 2007


Today was a full day starting out by an early ride in the desert this morning at 5:30am. I usually do my work out 1st but it has been so hot lately that I ride first while the day is cool. It was a pleasant morning and I found yet another hidden canyon and hill top for prayers to the only true and wise God. Afterwards the workout at the club house gym and pool took my mind off the fact that my laptop computer now 3 years old took a bad crash after after the wirless net card failed. So I was bummed as all my basic attempts to give it first aid failed. I wasn't confident about reinstalling all the software or buying a new hard drive because I haven't touched the guts of a computer in so long and besides a laptop is great for on the road but makes for poor desktop comfort.  So I started shopping around casually first at Wallmart which has a cheap and limited selection. So I drove over to Office Max not expecting to find what I wanted (a very high end machine), but lo and behold they were having a sale. Long story short with the instant rebate and extra 10% off I got an incredible deal for $730 out the door.

HP Pavilion a6110n with a the Athlon 4400Mhz duel-core processor & 2000Mhz Front side bus; 2048MB Memory; 320GB Hard drive; SuperDVD burner with laser-etch silkscreen image; GeForce 6150 super graphics card; 19" HP LCD wide-flat LCD monitor with integrated speakers and programmable viewing; HP all in one photosmart printer/copier/scanner/fax that prints photos in 25 seconds in multiple format sizes; bundled software includes Microsoft Office 8/Microsoft Works/Windows movie maker/HP photo essentials/and Microsoft's new operating system Windows Vista Premium. All with a free 1 year warrantee and 24/7 support included. This is by far the best desert top I have had. I have to give the praise to God though as I was praying about it and almost bought the Wallmart special but he defiantly guided me to something better today.

The flip side of this is that when I got home I decided to try reformatting and reload the system on my laptop, and wouldn't you know it's working good as new, so it was the operating system that failed, although I still lost allot of personal files, I feel a little guilty not trying to fix the laptop first. But you cant beat a good desk top for comfort as a laptop only shines when you have to travel then you cant beat it. Well whoever in the family is going on vacation will be able to tote a free laptop.