Monday, July 23, 2007


Its been a while since my last entry but I can tell you that all is well. Hershey my Bombay cat is doing just fine, back to his old self and ready to have the staples removed tomorrow also a couple of thorns pulled from his head that I discovered. Haven't taken any pictures lately but still hitting the trails on my 450x in the mornings to exercise the skill of aggressive motorcycle riding, then off to the clubhouse gym for treadmill, stationary bike, and pool workout. Looks like I'm confined to using the treadmill to reach my target cardio of (50 BPM X 30 minutes) because my bicycle needs crank bearings as I have worn them out having put over 5000 miles on the bike. The problem is I need to buy a special tool called a "Cotterless Crank Removing tool" to get to and replace the bearings, a $4 part that if installed by the bicycle shop cost $50.
      I have been spending my days playing with my new computer, installing new security and back-up software. Through all of it I find it easy to contemplate my incredible but temporary existence  on a journey through the universe on a living planet created by a living God, an expression of love that does not qualify reproach, especially from man.