Friday, July 13, 2007

Hershey meets Mr Coyote

Update: Took Hershey to the vet this afternoon and it appears that Hershey fought pretty hard as all four paw claws tips were torn off in the fight for his life with blood and pieces of course brown hair embedded in her paws. Beside the deep wound Hershey had a few pieces of missing hair here and there. Hershey was responsive and not in shock but still he let the doctor completely examine him, give him shots, clean and staple his wound without so much as a whimper as if he knew he was being treated (more photos above). The doctor said besides the wound Hershey will be just fine and needs rest and antibiotics. I think he is a smart cat that has learned a hard lesson.
Apparently my cat Hershey a black Bombay managed to slip by me last night about 9PM after throwing my dogs a bone from the back door of the house. Around 10PM I could hear the dogs barking at the back wall that leads to an open field. Didn't see the attack but Hershey bounded over the wall and back in the house with Corky My Welsh Corgi letting him past and defending the wall, Coyotes knowing better then to mess with my dog Corky having taken on two of them at once last Fall without a scratch, the corgi is a weiner dog on steroids and bread to round up cattle and kill possums. Hershey was covered with dirt and a puncture wound between the shoulder blades and past the skin. Also all of his claws on both from pawsare splintered and broken with dried blood, so I guess whatever got Hershey got a face full set of male cat claw blows and let go. I have a 2pm appointment scheduled at the Vets. Hershey is eating and drinking now and let me clean out the wound with peroxide, but I'm still taking him to the vet so they can give him a check up and shots or something. Anyway Hershey is much humbled by Mr. coyote but still managed to give me a tail way after letting him inside the house (not knowing he was gone). I' v attached a picture where he insists on resting quietly after the ordeal.