Saturday, June 16, 2007

Modifications to Big Red

Even though its warm now I have been spending time in the garage making modifications to Big Red to make it street legal. This includes installing a rear view mirror, brake light and pressure switch, and horn. Also I decides to uncork the bike, a term used when power restrictions imposed by the manufacture are removed or modified. In this case a JD Jetting kit and air box modifications. Also it pays to invest in a little protection for the engine and radiators with guards to protect them when you fall in the dirt. All the modifications went well and its hard to believe I already have 200 miles on the bike. Big Red is a Honda success story and very well made of high quality alloy materials making it light and nimble at 250 pounds with 50 horse power. For me its all about the ride and fun and use and transportation out into the desert to my favorite place to talk with Christ.